Quick Note for Elongation Calculation

Elongation formula The relationship between stress and strain is: \[Young Modolus = \frac{{stress}}{{strain}}\] \[E = \frac{\sigma }{\varepsilon } = \frac{{\frac{P}{A}}}{{\frac{{\Delta L}}{L}}} = \frac{{PL}}{{A\Delta L}}\] Therefore, the elongation is calculated based on: \[ \Delta L = \frac{{PL}}{{EA}} \] The elongation of tendon is equal to summary of element elongation at all curvature of tendon \[ \Delta {L_i} = \frac{{P_a^i.X_i}}{{EA}} \] The total expected elongation of tendon \[ \Delta L = \sum\limits_{i = 1}^n {\Delta {L_i}} \]